Making immersive learning available and accessible to people through libraries  and schools is an equitable distribution of what Mark Zuckerberg says is "the next computing platform" of the 21st century.

We have setup an XR Studio Lab for the production and teaching of immersive design skills to youth and adults.


California Virtual Reality Experience

New Media Learning is setting up  California public libraries with fully loaded Oculus RIFT and HTC VIVE VR systems. Libraries are receiving training and ongoing support for their VR systems. To date over 200 systems have been installed creating the largest installed base of VR in libraries.


In partnership with the Marin County Office of Education we are developing  curriculum for 21st century technical skills through project based learning in the XRMARIN Learning Center. We  offer opportunities in Immersive Design  and Virtual Reality  Industry Sectors.


FastForward is a publication written by kids, for kids. Our youth reporters are budding journalists and dedicated students who are fascinated by the world around them. FastForward provides a platform for students to conduct interviews and write about technology, entertainment, sports and business leaders.


Our middle school program provides students introductions to technology through hands-on activities and projects.  Covering a varitey of topics, students learn how to use state-of-the-art software and hardware to express themselves and communicate through media.


Equity in technology is an elusive goal that we try to make happen in a number of different ways. Instruction, interaction and construction in a collective environment that supports exploration and trying new hardware and software is the first step.